About Us


B. Faithful was founded in January 2019 as a way to help plant seeds for the mental, spiritual, and emotional growth of people from various backgrounds. With stationary and inspirational apparel being the brand's forefront, B. Faithful pushes each person to embrace who they are, take charge of their life, and express themselves unapologetically. 


The name B.Faithful represents the exhilarating essence of the honey bee while referencing the “land of milk and honey,” as mentioned in the Bible to symbolize prosperity. Milk and honey, or God’s blessings, correlates with the idea of the honey bee. In addition to this, the symbol of the bee is universal. This insect symbolizes hard work, community, joy, and abundance. Its size can be deceiving because it brings a powerful warrior spirit with dedication and wisdom to any task it has been assigned to. Not only is the bee known for its power, or “sting”, but its harmonious personality to accompany the light and goodness it possesses.


Our company wants exactly that for each hand and heart our products touch. We want our hive to work hard within their day-to-day lives all while being their best selves and walking in their purpose in order to lay out an optimal foundation of their future.  

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Melissa has always possessed a love for writing. From her "Top Writers' Club" involvement in 4th grade, to keeping a gratitude journal today, it has always been a critical component to reducing her stress, increasing her productivity, enhancing her imagination, and making better decisions. Towards the end of December 2018, Melissa's mental, spiritual, and emotional journey was on a path like no other. As her planning and writing intensified, so did her blessings.


Melissa initially began thinking of ways to encourage the same habits among people her age until she realized...everyone, no matter the age, needs productivity and this form of therapy. Planner after planner, journal after journal, she wanted to create her own methodology that matched her schedule and habits. In addition, she wanted to add stationary and apparel that reached various ages during their journey of self-discovery. Thus, B. Faithful was launched.


B. Faithful was first inspired by Melissa's first name, which stems from Greek origin, "honeybee." With prayer and passion, the company held a double meaning. Her goal is to inspire others to take charge of their lives and follow their dreams. Writing the vision and making it plain (Habakkuk 2:2), or "manifesting," is something that Melissa pushes every day and with everyone. Being faithful to yourself by making the time for you is also essential and the secret to life's true riches.

 We hope that our stationary and apparel can encourage each of you to live your lives to the fullest in every way possible.